On interpretation

We interpret so often that it becomes a natural habit akin to breathing. We hold very strongly to our own interpretation so much so that we never contemplate the possibility that our interpretation is inherently subjective and can potentially sway away from the truth. I am not saying all of our interpretation are bad or not reliable. I am just saying we have to give benefit of doubt to others when we interpret, with a clear awareness that we are all subjected to the inherent subjectivity. If we ourselves are not wary of this, it would be even harder to expect others do.

In many circumstances we can't control our own interpretation, so it is even harder to ask others to observe the same. I think the tendency to loss such an awareness is very normal, and it is repeatedly happening in our daily life. It is commonplace whereby things that we know is wrong is interpreted as right (or vice versa) due to subjective believing. So what can you do and what should you do? You just can't do anything. If there is nothing you can do, then do nothing. If you still really want to so something about it, keep reminding yourself and refreshing the awareness that you are witnessing the manifestation of our mundane minds. In the real world, many things just go the wrong way. This in a deeper sense a manifestation of ignorance of the minds. Many people can't see things rightly and can't self-correct, and there is no practical means to rectify the situation. This is a rather unsatisfactory state of matter which keep occurring. When you can embrace such an unsatisfactory nature of things, you grow to the next level of intellectuality.